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A New Way to Play

As part of the many changes we are taking on this year--switching up our style from 11 man football to 8 man football might be the biggest part for families, players, and coaches to wrap their heads around.

Given the explicit rules on positions and weight, as provided by the Chief Morris Antelope Rules and Regulations, there are some adjustments we will all need to make. Before each game players will have to weigh in and will be given markings on their helmet to show their ball carrying eligibility or if they are restricted to the line. These weigh-ins will help ensure honesty from the coaches and staff so that heavier players aren't just given the ball and told to run for it full steam ahead. Best of all, this weight based system will help keep our smaller players safer throughout the games.

Here is a video to give you all an idea of what 8 man looks like, for many of us this is the first time with this type of play. Let's take some time and try to learn this together!

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